The amazing life story of Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman can be completely and effectively told only when integrated with stories of the impact of his ideas here in the United States and throughout the world. No one person in the 20th century had such an impact on economic thinking worldwide, as has Milton Friedman. Yet his is a most unlikely story that he credits, in large measure, to "luck."

Much of the material in this new and exclusive documentary is based on Milton and Rose Friedman's 1998 memoir: Two Lucky People. To make this program, the producers were given exclusive access to the Friedmans and to their personal archive of historic material. Produced in high-definition and including unique historical material from the past seventy years, the producers recorded numerous wide-screen interviews with Dr. Milton and Rose Friedman as well as other distinguished Americans who are key players in this story. An extensive search through the historical archive yielded a treasure trove of materials on the Friedmans' public life as well as many of their private moments. A biography of Nobel laureate Milton Friedman cannot be complete, however, without an exploration of his science and of the impact of his ideas on the world stage. To that end, the producers travelled to Estonia, Chile, England, and throughout the United States to tell this story.
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